Some Tunes

Friday, January 22, 2010


I hadn't written a post for a while and there's been a lot going on. Right now, I'm relearning studio life, yet again. I decided that what I've been using to record is too limiting and dated (this probably happens every 5 to 10 minutes).

I have taken the plunge to all computer with a new iMac and have chosen Sonar from Cakewalk for my software.
Well, this meant that I had to:

1. Learn to "speak" Mac.

2. Load Windows on my new Mac to run the program.

2. Learn how to use software for recording.

So, now that I've got that all down - holy crap, I hope I can swallow what I've gnawed off.

Okay, this is my first Mac experience and I love it. Should have gone there a long time ago, very sweet. I'm going to give myself a couple weeks to get down the basics of recording on the new software, utilizing MIDI and breathing. I find so far that I can study this stuff for about an hour, then I have to go out into the real world and turn a screwdriver or hit a hammer or just bang my head. Oh, or sit down and write some more, since I've got to get better. I've never been fast at learning this stuff and I'm slower now than before, I think.

At any rate, its all good and I knew going into these changes it would be pretty challenging - I'm not disappointed. In this case, I'm sure the end will justify the means.

I'm really exited about it, just new stuff, new world of music and old me. It's a lot to soak in, but I be a sponge.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rewriting and rewriting

Reworking material - rewrites - has never been something I've been good at in the past. In this new creative life, I've decided to put some focus in this area. I have spend quite a bit of time the past few weeks reading and studying "songcraft" trying to better understand a number of different facets of the whole enchilada. So, time spent reading, listening to examples of phrasing, beat placement, emotional response mechanisms, etc. Sounds all to scientific, yes? I guess, but there really is something to it all and melding it with old fashioned creativity.

I find this time around the adventure that I have a ton of ideas to work with and I really want to hone some skills from a writing perspective. To this end, I've pulled back on writing new things the past month and am trying out new ideas with already penned materials.

Most of my time has been working and reworking the song I posted the lyrics to before; "Can't Say No." Although I'm still working the recording side of this one, I believe the lyrics better suit what I was shooting for. I'm going to record it again from the beginning and see if I can't create more contrast and dynamics into it. Again, this rewriting and re-recording process I find fun, but doesn't come naturally, so I constantly seek inventive ways to motivate. Sometimes I've got to walk away and many times, wham, a new direction or piece to the puzzle. The trouble with this puzzle is that there is really no definitive "puzzle's complete." Always room to grow. Maybe "trouble" was the wrong word as it really is opportunity laying in the wings.

Here's the new "Can't Say No" with only a few additions really. The major change is an added lyric to the bridge section. The bridge is now lyrical rather than instrumental lead, but I think sums up the song direction. When I get it down digitally, I think it will have a great impact and change the song (for the better??!!!).

There’s something in the air
Moving on the ground
Feeding on the night
Making no sound

A deer in the headlights
Frozen in your tracks
Can’t keep moving forward
And you can’t go back

Can’t trust what you’re seeing
Can’t trust anything that you know
Don’t believe what you’re feeling
But you can’t say no, no, no

A shadow ‘cross the moonlight
A ripple in time
Sporting double vision
Just another sign

As you knew your life, it’s over
Never be the same
No way to recover
Can’t find the reigns

Can’t trust what you’re seeing
Can’t trust anything that you know
Don’t believe what you’re feeling
But you can’t say no

Now that mask is slowly lifting
Resistance not enough
And despite yourself, your every breath
Fans the fire of love
You can’t say no
You can’t say no

Can’t trust what you’re seeing
Can’t trust anything that you know
Don’t believe what you’re feeling
But you can’t say no, no, no
You can’t say no
You can’t say no
You can’t say no