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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First Demo Under My Belt

Psyched and starting to pitch the first demo already. Well, that's got to tell you that I think it went well in the studio "from afar" over the past couple weeks. Gary Earl laid down some killer guitar tracks, a great groove and Adam (what the heck's your last name Adam?) did a great job on the vocals.

We went back and forth a bit getting the mix of backups, lead, etc. and ending up in a great place. I can't say enough about how Gary (not me, the other one) communicated and put his heart and soul into my little project. The words of encouragement at the end of it all was for me to get out there and pitch it, it's a great contemporary country track. So, I started immediately with a pitch to a music supervisor through Taxi and a couple pitches that were available on SongU.

I'm not planning on trying to knock down any doors unless I get no response in the next month or so, then who knows. That's the next challenge of course, to get an artist to show interest, likely put it on hold and then hopefully cut it. Oooooo, ahhhhh. Whatever happens, for now, I'm good with it. I'm just going to ride high on actually getting one in the can.

It should be available to hear at the top of this page in the ReverbNation widget. I hope you enjoy it. It's called Convince Myself.