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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Local Connections

As noted in a couple blogs ago, I am co-writing with a local writer. We have some bumps in timing, getting together, but I'm very excited about what's coming out of it. I took a draft to a SongU class and got some very positive feedback and an idea for some changes. Interesting that the change ideas were something that we had considered earlier in the writing process, but had not continued with.

I did a rewrite after the class which really changed this song into a female vocal song. I'm going to test this out with a female vocalist locally in my studio and see what happens. I'd love to find some local talent and be able to do more "in house" demos if I can get the needed quality. It would save on some bucks, but more importantly keep me better in the mix of an end product. However, I have no problem now with having a demo done elsewhere. I think this idea of finding local talent is a good one and a natural progression to an end product.

As with everything, there isn't any rush. No deadlines, just keep getting better in all aspects.

Another aspect is the pitching of songs once completed. This is a whole different animal from what I've been doing. I've certainly got some avenues, but I don't know yet if for me, it makes sense to do this more hands-on too. It has never been my thing to self promote, but we'll see where all this goes and I'll leave that door open.
By the way, never wrote in this blog about getting my first song documented with ASCAP. Well, I did and it is now duly noted.