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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reading, Studying & Recording

This is the latest in the process for me. I'm starting to take online classes again and learning more about recording at home as well as lyric writing, which continues to be the toughest part of the equation for me. I have a ton of ideas, but making them universal (aiming for the largest audience) is where I find the challenge or one of the challenges.

Just started a book by Sheila Davis and hope to continue to get a better feel for the craft as I muddle through and use it in class. The jury's out, so we'll see, but the basics so far are really what I've studied before - song forms, theory, principles - always beneficial to restudy and pick up something that triggers the cranium.

These classes are again through which I really continue to find valuable to me in the process. Certainly, at least, some contact with people who have some degree of success and are willing to share with those of us struggling to open a door and hold it open with our faces squished in the door-jam.

The doors will come I'm sure. I just need to spend some time getting ready and getting my face prepped for the abuse. Now, back to the studio.