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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Writing Life

I don't believe that I've every written so much in a short time frame in my life. It is really a privilege to have the time to do so. That being said, I am also dealing with what I'll refer to as 'Writer's Speed Bump" (WSB Syndrome) which is less paralyzing than writer's block. It is an interesting process for me. I have to learn when to walk away, do something else or even do the same thing just with a different subject matter.

Sometimes I find that words and music just flow at the same time. Sometimes its just some music and sometimes just words or even phrases and that's it. I log everything and occasionally go over what I have logged to see if it stirs anything. It's an absolute trip the things that will wake up the left side of my brain (harder since the lobotomy).

I realized the other day that I have been a right-brained person trying to function in a left-brained world (I write with my right hand right? - got it.) for quite a few years. If I would get a therapist, I'm sure I could write this with much more elegance, but I'm too troubled to do something like that. So read and moan just the way this is.

Nothing more to add today, time to hit the speed bumps going 60.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

First Industry Feedback

It only took a few days from the time I electronically submitted requesting a critique. I really didn't think I'd be that nervous to open the file, but I was. The suspense was killing me, for sure.

The song I decided to go with was the first "completed" song in my studio. I put that in quotes because, as I'm learning, they are always a work in progress. At any rate, "Can't Say No" was the one. I'm going to drop in the lyrics here and see if you agree with the comment given around the lyrics. I haven't made any changes yet, because I was already aware of the mentioned concern.

copyright 2009 - Gary Todd

There’s something in the air
Moving on the ground
Feeding on the night
Making no sound

A deer in the headlights
Frozen in your tracks
Can’t keep moving forward
And you can’t go back


Can’t trust what you’re seeing
Can’t trust anything that you know
Don’t believe what you’re feeling
But you can’t say no


A shadow ‘cross the moonlight
A ripple in time
Sporting double vision
Just another sign

As you knew your life, it’s over
Never be the same
No way to recover
Can’t find the reigns



The lyric comment was that I never stated what it was that this person is afraid of, running from, etc. and this might frustrate the listener. I understand that, but I left it open on purpose - yet still, I can see the concern. Not sure if I'll adjust or not. One thing to remember when getting critiques is that it is from one person and is there opinion. Granted, it is an educated opinion from someone who is an A&R (artist & repertoire) person in the industry - so I don't take it lightly.
The other comment that I'll share was that I could have had a more dynamic release going into the chorus from the verses. I definitely hear that, but not sure yet how I can fix. Feel free to check it out on MySpace if you want to hear it (at least its posted there as of today). By the way, there were more comments/suggestions, but these are the ones I'll share today.
Bottom line was that for me, this was a very positive critique, giving me hope to continue and some advice for changes I may want to make for the song to be a better fit for promoting. I've got a lot of work ahead and I'm excited to move forward.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Out in the World

A couple of steps forward this past week. I've been planning to join a community and avenue for publishing exposure by the end of the year. I decided to jump the gun a little bit and joined Taxi this week. My reasoning was that I do have a couple of songs ready to heard and it would be great to start getting some feedback in the industry. Based on some research, this may be a good way to get that started.

I also think that some exposure in a couple other areas would be good, so with that in mind, I opened a MySpace account for musicians as well as posted songs on SongRamp which is for musician feedback. We'll see.

Looking forward to getting feedback in all areas so that I can evaluate, redo, upgrade, scream with joy and/or disdain, etc. Not sure how I'll react to industry feedback, but I'd better learn. I, of course, want to hear, "Oh, my gawd that's great, where have you been?" But I just might have to settle for something less - way less. Again, we'll see. I'm just ready to move forward, whatever that means.