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Monday, May 17, 2010

Reviews, critiques and moving forward

The skin continues to thicken, a little at a time. I hear almost weekly that as a songwriter, you need to grow a thick skin, which is not an easy task as you bare your soul trying to find honesty in the depths of your psyche. Oh, well, get over it. I had a number of critiques on a song that is now named "Play it Over" with 180 degree response on some things from seasoned professionals. Now comes the learning when to turn which direction or be better able to hear and trust that inner voice screaming at me. What a bazar thing it all is.

I've set up a review with another songwriter; Craig Bickhardt. Craig has a long list of accalades and I've listened to him critique others - I'm very impressed. He is active currently writing and recording new material as well as a long history of top songs recorded by various artists. I've got to trust his input, so my plan is to take a newly penned tune and see what the word is. Again, I think its good stuff or I wouldn't throw it to the wolves - I've thought that in the past too. But, I know I'm learning and putting more craft behind what I do now than I did 6 months or even 1 month ago. The process continues.

I thought I'd throw in a Gary's home studio shot here as an aside. I found some wall mounts for my stringed instruments and it really clears out the floor space. Check out guitar wall mounts on ebay if you're interested. Great price and they sure work great whether its for the acoustic or even down to the neck size of the ukelele - adjustable.