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Friday, December 30, 2011

New Co-writer

I am constantly amazed (but no longer surprised) at what is delivered into my lap from time to time.  Just a few weeks ago I was talking to my wife Beth about how I needed a boost or change or something (maybe a new co-writer) to feel like I'm moving forward.  I swear, within 24 hours, I was contacted by another SongU member (lyricist) who asked if I would like to co-write.  I checked out her SongU website and liked what I saw and heard.

So Kimberly Hale Kimes and I decided to work with some lyrics that she had and I really think it's going to be something special.  We are working it through some feedback processes now, Muse's Muse, Just Plain Folks and SongU.  We had our first phone conversation last night and got to know each other a little bit and it was good stuff.

Time will tell with this particular song, but I can see us collaborating on more in the future.  I really feel that if you put the thoughts out there, the direction comes.  Sometimes with that amazement because you didn't expect what and where things go, but "progress" for sure.

So Kim, thanks for asking and I look forward to great things and fun in the process.

Oh, another side note, thanks to Kim, I have discovered some sites noted above.  And, when going into the Muse's Muse, I found SoundClick which is a great place to store songs and then be able to access them from my website.  Very cool, like I said, one gets taken places they didn't expect sometimes.  Very cool stuff.  More adventures to come.