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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Change of Pace

I have elected to go back to work like real people. It wasn't a real free election, but ya know, I do like to eat. It has been a great half a year plus that I've been able to devote to working on music as a full time gig, but now the challenge becomes doing this part time while still moving forward.

The last few SongU classes I've taken have been crazy informative. One on writing and placing music for TV and movies and another on writing from the heart. The business stuff is great to put on the shelf for a little bit. I'm engrossed in anything I can grab onto about writing better songs right now. Sara Light did the class on writing and offered some great tools and aids to help generate good material and to dig deep to find it.

My plans now are to continue what I've been doing, but on a reduced scale. First I have to acclimate myself to the new time schedule and decide how best to ensure that I don't lose ground. To that end, I've scheduled some classes and planned to link up with another writer to keep continuous writing on my plate in addition to what I do on my own.

I've added my latest to the Reverb Nation songs attachment at the top of this page. Still not sure what I want for the title, but for now - Believe in Forever - sounds a bit too Disney for me, but it is what the song is about. This was a quick and semi-dirty recording that I'll change out when I get the time and upgrade. This is my first attempt to write a story line that progresses in true country-like fashion - meaning that the chorus takes on new meaning as you progress through time and the lyrics. I didn't start out wanting to write a country song, but the format lends itself to that. It is fun stuff to write and a real challenge for me this time around. We'll see where it goes.