Some Tunes

Monday, August 16, 2010

Getting Balance

I've been trying to adjust to a balance of work and music creativity time. I think it would be tough enough, but working graveyard with little sleep has added a twist I'd like to not have to deal with. Oh, well, there's always something to overcome. So, I've recently been working on that adjustment.

I'm currently working on a song called "Living Out This Lie" which sounds a lot to me like it could be something from Santana, at least in the main chord progression. I love it so far, but have some lyric rework to do. It seems like about every other song I work on has a feel or groove that I haven't tapped into before. That part is so cool and keeps me guessing. Not sure where that stuff comes from, but I appreciate the input from the universe. Fun stuff.

I'm really enjoying using Macs in the studio and now in our home office. Still doing some adjusting, but I can see what the fuss is all about. Both of mine are iMacs, so the computer is built behind, into or wherever, the screen. Great visual to work from and lightening fast. Can't wait to get more adept at it all. As far as being for the studio. Perfecto. Above is a picture of the screen working on the new tune. Sounds good, right?