Some Tunes

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Another demo studio return - this one is called "Again," a collaboration with a local songwriter.  Not sure how I feel about what I got back from the studio on this one though.  I think the musicianship was fine, but the vocal performance is what's weighing on me.  I may sit on this one for a while, then redo the vocals, not sure yet.

I think that this is one of the draw-backs of working the demos online.  If I was sitting in the room, I would have commented during the process, but alas, I was not.

This song came from an experience that Beth and I had at Costco, with an older man that was shopping for one of the first times without his life-long partner.  It was touching and certainly tough to avoid tearing up at when it happened.  I struggled for a long time to write this song, and ended up waiting to have someone to co-write with to spark some progress.  It was written and re-written many times.  May need another one or two, don't know yet.