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Monday, October 19, 2009

Kicking it off - Some history

I thought that this would either be interesting some day or just really bad-ass-boring, but if my music songwriting career takes off, maybe at least a glimpse into how it can be done, even when you're really past your supposed prime. Well I'm past my prime, certainly in some respects, but after years of musical non-activity, I finally felt like I had some things to say and just gradually got excited again about writing, singing and recording (modestly). So here I go, kicking it off.

Here's a little history:

I have had some musical involvement just about since I could walk. I was given piano lessons from about age 5, took up guitar on my own when in around the 6th grade. I sang in choir in junior high and high school. Went to college for a couple years and studied voice and composition. I left college to pursue playing in rock and roll bands as well as acoustic smaller groups - 13 over the years. Some were working bands, some took a studio approach with strictly original material. All of them had their tasty parts. I learned to love group efforts - but they could be double edged swords. (This pictures shows 3 out of the 4 in the group Finale; I'm the one in middle with the acoustic guitar - Jay "Bird" on my left and Rik to my right - I had hair back then.)

During all this I started a family. Having a wife and two kids to support made the decision making a bit different. At one point, I felt I needed to turn down an offer from Motown to be a staff writer due to the low initial pay. Maybe not the best choice, but the road I have taken to this point has had great personal rewards, which is really what motivates me now. Toward the end of my active playing days I really started burning out on all of it, including the politics in the LA music scene. I really just wanted to be "normal" and spent a number of years since that time going in that direction.

Recently, I've decided I'm not "normal" and actually like it. I don't fit in the corporate world as you can tell by my Work Redefined Blog. So much of it irritates the crap out of me and I know its my take on that lifestyle, not the lifestyle itself.

Anyway on we go. I plan to document some of my adventures along whatever the path is that I've stepped onto. We'll see . . .

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  1. Very cool, Bro. Keep it coming. This is great news. I didn't know what Motown had wanted you to do, so I learned something. I thought they wanted your incredible voice. Didn't they get that clue?