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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Out in the World

A couple of steps forward this past week. I've been planning to join a community and avenue for publishing exposure by the end of the year. I decided to jump the gun a little bit and joined Taxi this week. My reasoning was that I do have a couple of songs ready to heard and it would be great to start getting some feedback in the industry. Based on some research, this may be a good way to get that started.

I also think that some exposure in a couple other areas would be good, so with that in mind, I opened a MySpace account for musicians as well as posted songs on SongRamp which is for musician feedback. We'll see.

Looking forward to getting feedback in all areas so that I can evaluate, redo, upgrade, scream with joy and/or disdain, etc. Not sure how I'll react to industry feedback, but I'd better learn. I, of course, want to hear, "Oh, my gawd that's great, where have you been?" But I just might have to settle for something less - way less. Again, we'll see. I'm just ready to move forward, whatever that means.

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