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Thursday, February 24, 2011


I've heard a lot of talk about co-writing and I've done some in the distant past. It's an intriguing idea on a number of different levels. If you're able to find someone who is of a similar wavelength and has some good skillsets, then what the heck. Of course, what you really want is to buddy up with someone who is further along in the songwriting process than you are and for some strange reason wants to work with a lowly writer as yourself. If that fails (or at least hasn't materialized yet), I think simply finding someone with good ideas and some drive could be a cool way to go. If you come up with something that's worth people listening to, now you have twice the push power to show it off, twice the muscle, twice the drive, twice the dollars. Just have to make sure you have an agreement from the start as how to proceed, etc.

Through SongU, I've done some "blind dating" and it has been at least positive from the standpoint of learning how to communicate and bleed out some creativity all while not being in the same room. I have not yet tried Skype, but think that will be the next step. Until then, simply emailing back and forth ideas and some phone tag is a second best approach. I've just started a "blind date" writing session with a lady in Alabama who has some journalistic background and can't wait to see what develops from the efforts.

We started by getting to know each other a bit, then threw some titles against the wall to see if anything would stick. We agreed on one that brought some images to mind and she's going to be working the lyrics for a first run. Then I'll see what comes of it musically and the plan is to banter back and forth for a while.

Once of the most exciting parts of it all is that this could be monstrously huge or it could simply be another experiment in creativity. Either way, you just can't lose. It's all good. I'll share when there's an end product. Till then . . .

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