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Monday, March 7, 2011

Co-Writing - Part Deux

Just felt the need to show off my ability to count to two - by two's - in French. Wow, great stuff.
What I really wanted to do is do a quick update on my current co-writing adventures. I am in the midst of deux of them. One, as I wrote about in the previous blog, and another with a local writer that I connected up with a month ago.

I sometimes attend a Eugene based songwriters' workshop. I went this past month with the specific idea to see if someone might be interested in working together on something. Interestingly enough, this writer named Luke asked me if I wanted to try a co-write together. We had a bit of direction that seemed to be following similar paths. I hesitated for a second, then thought to myself, "why would you possibly even consider saying 'no' when the stars have aligned for some reason?" So, I said "no." Okay, not true. I accepted, and this past weekend we sat down, laid out a plan and agreement and started out.

We decided to start with choosing either a title or topic and work from there. We found a topic from a story that happened to me about 6 months ago. We laid out a potential format, discussed what each verse, chorus and bridge would discuss and, I think, came up with some great ideas. It was a very rewarding start to a project.

So, my apprehensions are starting to fade away. I have 2 projects that I will eventually report back on in this blog. The online project will take another month, but is progressing well and I'm enjoying the interactions and thought exchanges with both. Very fun and creatively stirring.

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