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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Studio From a Distance

I thought I'd document my first "real" studio experience as a songwriter as it progresses. I spent a number of hours in the studio years and years and years ago (damn, I'm old), but this was with bands and as a performer - different stuff this time around.

I did some research and talked to some people and have opted, on this first adventure, to spend a little more than I had anticipated and go with someone who has a strong track record as not only a songwriter, but as a studio technician or producer. Great credentials for sure. Gary Earl has been Grammy nominated and has won a Kennedy Center Award.

The first email contacts were amazing to me. Very quick feedback and very in-depth. We discussed where I could see placing the song, what instrumentation and why based on those decisions. I'm going for a contemporary country crossover-type song that could be picked up by a film/TV producer as well as an artist. To do this, I figured let's do a full master and this way, the sound should stand above most of the material a prospective interested party would hear. There is certainly additional cost involved, but I thought I should dive in head first and then see if the pool's full of water or not. Hell, not even sure I can swim, but no time like the present to find out.

I have just decided on a vocalist from a list of possibles - Gary's wife and business partner is the vocal expert. Robin sent me samples from three different male vocalists that they use and feel good about. After listening to some samples, I asked for a few more and made my choice. Never did that before, so off we go into Wonderland, Alice. Next is going to be a little bit of a waiting game, but probably not long. Gary should start the track process in a few days, then it'll be off to the races. We should be in close contact through all the steps with some approvals, etc. as we go, but I absolutely trust his judgement - better than my own. Rock on.

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  1. Is one of his credentials that crazy first name? I'm staying tuned, but I wish you had an e-mail sign-up on your blog. My keyboard is crashing and I typed "bog," at first. There's a new/used one sitting here. Guess I should replace the old one.