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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Songwriter Chops

I find it very interesting that when I attend, either in person or online, various discussion groups that are touted as songwriter oriented, the conversation always ends up around recording or playing. I have done and do the same thing, but I'm trying to change. Not that these things aren't important in the process if one is attempting to move their material to an artists, but it all starts with the song. It is so easy to put that in the background and concentrate on the other things. Hell, I've done it here on this site, for sure.

I have spent some time over the past few weeks searching online and trying some different avenues in an attempt to find a good and comfortable path for myself with the end product being improving my writing skills. I always find the paths interesting to look back at and note the weaving of the fabric that gets you from A to B - and it never seems like a straight line to me, but I'm sure I'm not seeing the whole picture. At any rate, contacts that I've made, instruction and searching on the web have now lead me to SongU. See how much fun their having in this picture? That could be you, my friend. With only 3 easy flex payments . . . (sorry, couldn't resist).
I'm still in my 10 day free trial period, but have finished a few courses and been online for a workshop and I'm very impressed. I've taken time to apply some new ideas and I'm simply blown away with not just the change, but the creativity channel that going through a new application process in writing is having. I realize that I'm still in the baby stages of this new avenue, but I strongly recommend a look at this site for anyone interested in improving their craft.

I decided to write my next song partly by choosing two or three "new" writing techniques that I just studied and see what happens. Don't know yet what anyone else will think, but I'm excited. When I get it recorded, I'll add it to the play list at the top of the blog. Assuming I don't change the name for some reason, it will be "No Guarantee".

Now, if I could only find a site to make my hair grow back on its own, my life would be complete.

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  1. If you find the hair growing site, tell Lee about it. Meanwhile, I'm glad you found something that works for the music. That is interesting about the focus. With all the stuff on the web, it's still hard to find certain things. I was going to suggest a regular writers' group (not that I know any), but it sounds like you've found something productive and fun.